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Als ein treuer Anhänger dieses Landes und seiner Kultur betrübt es mich zu sehen, wie der Fächer, dieses bewunderungswürdige Objekt, bis auf das Äusserste durch industrielle Herstellung in Billiglohnländern abgewertet wird.

Der Fächer ist nicht nur ein Schmuckstück, er betont vor allem den Blick der Frau, würdigt die Hand die ihn halt und verwendet eine bis in die heutige Zeit gültige Zeichensprache, Obwohl traditionell ist er modern, modisch , trendy und avantgardistisch; er vervollständigt das Outfit, er ist einfach schön. Nicht umsonst haben ihn in letzter Zeit die führendsten Haut-Couture Modehäuser Europas in ihre Kollektionen integriert.

Um ihn zu adeln und seine Aura ans spanische Handwerk zurückzugeben, arbeite mit den bekanntesten Kunsthandwerkern Spaniens zusammen.

Ich bin stolz darauf, Ihnen das Beste dieser Kunst hier  in unserer  Galerie-Boutique darzubieten

Spaniens Fächer

Der Fächer ist nicht nur ein Schmuckstück

Herzlich Willkommen in der Welt der Fächer und lassen auch Sie sich verzaubern.

Framed Mirror fused glass

One of the greatest pleasures in the life of a glass maker is to meet a client who is wearing his creation with delicacy.

I have had the opportunity to work also with cristal decoration, which is why I enjoy it even more. It sometimes happen that a client make a very eclectic choice in our shops or online, and I make a joke, saying they have to send me over a photo of what they make with my creations, for what I like the most is to see what they have become.

The photography you see was sent by a client who liked very much our coasters, and decided to make a mirror frame out of the one he bought, respecting the symmetry so as to make something esthetic (according to me !). You can picture the joy I felt when receiving this photography. Indeed, it is impossible to honor my creations of decoration better than by exhibiting it, and letting aside the useful part of it, which makes it even more original.

So thank you to him, and for the rest, here is a good example of esthetic research starting with a very original idea!

Didier Borgeaud

Over the centuries, the Human being has acquired a genuine know-how to work the glass. He has developed large manufacturing techniques which enable him to create many jewels and crystal decorative objects, with various shapes and colours.

However, nowadays, the Human being is not the first glass producing who lives on the Earth: this title belongs to the diatoms family.

Indeed, these microorganisms produce much more glass than Human: these unicellular algae, which can be found in all aquatic environments (even if they prefer cold waters), are enveloped by a protective glass shell whose forms are surprising. This transparent skeleton lets the light goes through but doesn’t stop the photosynthesis phenomenon.

In order to create this shell, these algae - which are one of the main components of phytoplankton – use a salt which comes from the silica naturally present in the seawater.

Nevertheless and unlike techniques that the Human being uses naturally to work the crystal, this process takes place in the physical conditions of soft chemistry that is to say that it doesn’t require high pressure or temperature.

In the first century BC, a new method appeared to work crystal: glass blowing.

This technique was used for the first time in Syria thanks to the invention of blowpipe.

The blowpipe is a more or less 2-meter-long hollow metallic tube which is splayed at the end. It is covered with wood: therefore the craftsman doesn’t burn his hands. To blow the glass, you first have to heat the blowpipe so that it can glue on the glass and then, the craftsman blows the material to inflate it and give it the desired shape.

The glass blowing is either in open air or in molds.

After the apparition of glass blowing, a hollow glass industry rises from Syria to Gaul, including Spain too.

We have used this method to create some of our decorative objects which you can find in our shop, such as our little figurines or some vases for example.

Multicolour jewels thanks to “millefiori"

The first transparent glasses were first made during the reign of Philip II of Macedon, at the Hellenic period. Indeed, around the year 350 BC, Macedonian people had the idea to add manganese dioxide - a black or brown chemical compound - to molten glass which fades the glass.

At the same time, they improved the existing casting techniques. This made them able to create large size crystal objects, such as dishes and decorative objects, as well as multicolour jewels thanks to “millefiori”. This method, meaning “thousand flowers” in Italian, gives a mosaic impression to the objects produced by this way. Indeed, to get a “millefiori’, you have to compose an initial pattern thanks to various glasses of different colours. Then, you have to superpose these layers of glass to form a roll, before lengthening and cutting them in order to get similar patterns with different sizes. By the way, this technique is more specifically used to produce jewellery beads.

Didier Borgeaud

Christmas Market of Namur. November, 30 to December, 31 2012

Now that the sun has well and truly left Andalucía, it is time to accept the return of the bitter cold. And as I don’t like doing things in half measures, I decided to leave for Belgium one month. What better way than a Christmas Market in Namur to feel again all the magic of these special days ? I can already picture the Place d’Armes covered by snow, transformed for the occasion in a small wooden village, smelling good hot wine. That is where I will establish my two chalets…in order to share with both children and adults my fused glass jewels as well as my Christmas decoration.

This Market means even more to me, it is a return to my roots which were in this environment. It is the occasion for my son to get a taste of what I like doing, as he will be lending me a hand. The occasion of rejuvenate for me, as I have always stayed a child. Thus, I look forward to seeing you from November, 30 to December, 31 2012, somewhere amongst the swirl of lights and snowmen wrapped which will have invaded Namur, in order to come and discover or rediscover my creations.

Christmas Market in Namur 2012

Illustrations de Nathalie Polfliet

Best Regards

Didier Borgeaud


From season to season

Summer is coming to an end, and it’s about time we thanked you. Thank you indeed, for it would not have been possible to exhibit all our collections of dicroic glass so soon. Thank you, for wearing our jewels is the best way to do them honour. It is always a real pleasure for us to see a lady wearing our glass and sterling silver pendant, or any other fused glass earrings or rings. Let us remind you that this website is mainly made for you so that you could start, extend or complete your own collection.

However, the end of a season means the beginning of the other and Didier Borgeaud did not forget to prepare winter. Thus, we are pleased to let you know that we will exhibit Didier Borgeaud’s creations on the Christmas Market of Namur.


Glass christmas decorations


Meanwhile, we already have exhibited our ‘winter’ range in our shops, and by the end of the month you will be able to see our Christmas decoration!

See you soon!

Didier Borgeaud


Did you know?




The first glass jewels appeared a long time before man controlled the production of this material. In fact, glass is an element that naturally exists on Earth from time immemorial. According to scientists, it was already on our planet several hundreds of thousands of years ago. However, man used for the first time a natural glass of volcanic origin for making jewels, and creating other objects as well, around the year 100 000 BC. This volcanic glass, the obsidian, was rich in silica and came from the fusion of acid lavas. The first obsidian fragments collected by humans to fashion jewellery were red, dark green, grey or black. All these jewels had an opaque colour since translucent crystal glass was made by man much later.

The first glass jewels

Best Regards

Didier Borgeaud


It has been a long time


Didier borgeaud, The crystal and the jewel


It has been a long time since I last wrote something on the blog. In summer, I am running out of time, glass gives back its thousands sparkles under the sun of Andalusia, and the tourists wish to forget, be it for one week only, the gloom of Northern Europe’s weather and the economic gloom of the South.

I wonder if our creations contribute to this sudden change but it like to think so. We are certainly all working with enthusiasm to already prepare the new collections, but in this year 2012, we have been running late more than ever. The pictures of set dichroic glass are not ready yet, but, in the defense of the photographer, we have to say that the mounting of set dichroic collections are not completely finished yet. We are working on it, we will manage to finish it, and after all, no matter the weeks of delay, we already have dozens of model of fused glass completely glamour, and the displayed collections of jewels are the quintessence of what I like.

In the summer, I also aim to post a few videos, I like medium images, and the pictures of our customers wearing our jewels should regularly supply the pages of this blog. What better advertising than the one with real women. The one of a true laughter of a satisfied client, opposed to the pout of a stereotyped model who thinks that there is mystery in a look that expresses nothing but indifference. An attractive jewel, is on who exists by the melting of the desire of the person who chose it and its faculties to enhance it by matching it with the details like make-up, a dress, a watch…

Dear clients, you who make me the honor of wearing my creations, send me pictures of you, become the muse of Didier Borgeaud’ s brand, which has no sense but with you and by you.

The crystal and the jewel are for me as indivisible as a look and the seduction, as intertwined as love and happiness, as combined as game and childhood. This is what creating fused glass jewel, being still a child, a lover, a seducer is all about.


Try again Didier Borgeaud




Not easy every day to maintain a blog, or even every week ... especially one in four languages ​​Blog with photos and whether single subject, Glass, without being boring for the few fans who read it, I appointed my family and some associates and trainees may be a few brave customers.

My Web Master told me to use keywords to go in search engines google and others. So I must not only publish regular, but also use words like Didier Borgeaud, Designer Glass, Fused Glass, Glas Artist, Glass Fusing fashion Dichroïque and other ...

What complicates the exercise is also having to be absolutely original, a wise guy, a trickster, or simply a being endowed with common sense would think that since almost everything has been said on the subject, it is sufficient to maintain his blog as Didier Borgeaud Copied and pasted some voila. Ill take you, you would get the opposite effect to that desired. Since Google's powerful software would soon confuse you, and punitive measure, Didier Borgeaud my blog, my sales page online Fused glass jewelry, my new collection of Creation Glass Dicroic would find themselves de facto page 10 In other words ... the abyss.

No ways to cheat, even photos must be original. I get so paranoid that I dare not even republish my own photos.But you have what it takes and look the other way I still got the desired result. I wrote an article casually mentions the Jewelry, Glass merged, Dichroïque, Online Shop, and Didier Borgeaud several times.I know it's a little easier, I actually mischievous grin of the corner of his mouth, but you know I still have to translate it and then I drew your attention right? You now know that my pleasure is the creation of jewelry but I suffered the Dictat search engines and my web master.Believe me if you want, I also like writing and I'll see you soon for a new publication on glass jewelry.

Best Regards

Didier Borgeaud