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Algae, the first glass producing in the world!

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Over the centuries, the Human being has acquired a genuine know-how to work the glass. He has developed large manufacturing techniques which enable him to create many jewels and crystal decorative objects, with various shapes and colours.

However, nowadays, the Human being is not the first glass producing who lives on the Earth: this title belongs to the diatoms family.

Indeed, these microorganisms produce much more glass than Human: these unicellular algae, which can be found in all aquatic environments (even if they prefer cold waters), are enveloped by a protective glass shell whose forms are surprising. This transparent skeleton lets the light goes through but doesn’t stop the photosynthesis phenomenon.

In order to create this shell, these algae - which are one of the main components of phytoplankton – use a salt which comes from the silica naturally present in the seawater.

Nevertheless and unlike techniques that the Human being uses naturally to work the crystal, this process takes place in the physical conditions of soft chemistry that is to say that it doesn’t require high pressure or temperature.

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