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Friday, 23 November 2012 22:32

Blown Glass

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In the first century BC, a new method appeared to work crystal: glass blowing.

This technique was used for the first time in Syria thanks to the invention of blowpipe.

The blowpipe is a more or less 2-meter-long hollow metallic tube which is splayed at the end. It is covered with wood: therefore the craftsman doesn’t burn his hands. To blow the glass, you first have to heat the blowpipe so that it can glue on the glass and then, the craftsman blows the material to inflate it and give it the desired shape.

The glass blowing is either in open air or in molds.

After the apparition of glass blowing, a hollow glass industry rises from Syria to Gaul, including Spain too.

We have used this method to create some of our decorative objects which you can find in our shop, such as our little figurines or some vases for example.

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