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Friday, 27 July 2012 19:26 Written by 
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It has been a long time


Didier borgeaud, The crystal and the jewel


It has been a long time since I last wrote something on the blog. In summer, I am running out of time, glass gives back its thousands sparkles under the sun of Andalusia, and the tourists wish to forget, be it for one week only, the gloom of Northern Europe’s weather and the economic gloom of the South.

I wonder if our creations contribute to this sudden change but it like to think so. We are certainly all working with enthusiasm to already prepare the new collections, but in this year 2012, we have been running late more than ever. The pictures of set dichroic glass are not ready yet, but, in the defense of the photographer, we have to say that the mounting of set dichroic collections are not completely finished yet. We are working on it, we will manage to finish it, and after all, no matter the weeks of delay, we already have dozens of model of fused glass completely glamour, and the displayed collections of jewels are the quintessence of what I like.

In the summer, I also aim to post a few videos, I like medium images, and the pictures of our customers wearing our jewels should regularly supply the pages of this blog. What better advertising than the one with real women. The one of a true laughter of a satisfied client, opposed to the pout of a stereotyped model who thinks that there is mystery in a look that expresses nothing but indifference. An attractive jewel, is on who exists by the melting of the desire of the person who chose it and its faculties to enhance it by matching it with the details like make-up, a dress, a watch…

Dear clients, you who make me the honor of wearing my creations, send me pictures of you, become the muse of Didier Borgeaud’ s brand, which has no sense but with you and by you.

The crystal and the jewel are for me as indivisible as a look and the seduction, as intertwined as love and happiness, as combined as game and childhood. This is what creating fused glass jewel, being still a child, a lover, a seducer is all about.

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