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Picasso femme_pigeons




Picasso discovered the work with glass in 1954 through his friend Jean Cocteau. He had the opportunity to discover the technique of this original and new form of art. Picasso contemplated the great possibilities that this new artistic expression could offer him to illuminate all his master pieces. He decided to create his first Gemmail art work « Femme dans un fauteuil d’osier » in 1954 using almost the same technique as for the jewels presented here by Didier Borgeaud. The artist draws an outline of a design on a large plate of clear glass, on which are placed pieces of coloured glass where the size and superposition allow him to obtain the most subtile range of colours of the palette. Once the work is finished to the satisfaction of the artist, the piece is submerged in an absolutely colourless enamel and put into a heating chamber

He was fascinated by the light , the material and the transparency achieved and then created his self portrait « yo » , followed by the « Femme d’Alger » which he produced several variations at the same time. It was at this time that Picasso realizes the importance , the novelty and the modernity of this new form of artistic expression; he stated enthusiastically :
« A new art is born: The Gemmaux » (name of this technic) . He then decided to create sixty major works, reproducing his most prized paintings.


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