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Thursday, 07 June 2012 17:03

Try Again Didier Borgeaud


Try again Didier Borgeaud




Not easy every day to maintain a blog, or even every week ... especially one in four languages ​​Blog with photos and whether single subject, Glass, without being boring for the few fans who read it, I appointed my family and some associates and trainees may be a few brave customers.

My Web Master told me to use keywords to go in search engines google and others. So I must not only publish regular, but also use words like Didier Borgeaud, Designer Glass, Fused Glass, Glas Artist, Glass Fusing fashion Dichroïque and other ...

What complicates the exercise is also having to be absolutely original, a wise guy, a trickster, or simply a being endowed with common sense would think that since almost everything has been said on the subject, it is sufficient to maintain his blog as Didier Borgeaud Copied and pasted some voila. Ill take you, you would get the opposite effect to that desired. Since Google's powerful software would soon confuse you, and punitive measure, Didier Borgeaud my blog, my sales page online Fused glass jewelry, my new collection of Creation Glass Dicroic would find themselves de facto page 10 In other words ... the abyss.

No ways to cheat, even photos must be original. I get so paranoid that I dare not even republish my own photos.But you have what it takes and look the other way I still got the desired result. I wrote an article casually mentions the Jewelry, Glass merged, Dichroïque, Online Shop, and Didier Borgeaud several times.I know it's a little easier, I actually mischievous grin of the corner of his mouth, but you know I still have to translate it and then I drew your attention right? You now know that my pleasure is the creation of jewelry but I suffered the Dictat search engines and my web master.Believe me if you want, I also like writing and I'll see you soon for a new publication on glass jewelry.

Best Regards

Didier Borgeaud


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