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The life of a glass maker

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Framed Mirror fused glass

One of the greatest pleasures in the life of a glass maker is to meet a client who is wearing his creation with delicacy.

I have had the opportunity to work also with cristal decoration, which is why I enjoy it even more. It sometimes happen that a client make a very eclectic choice in our shops or online, and I make a joke, saying they have to send me over a photo of what they make with my creations, for what I like the most is to see what they have become.

The photography you see was sent by a client who liked very much our coasters, and decided to make a mirror frame out of the one he bought, respecting the symmetry so as to make something esthetic (according to me !). You can picture the joy I felt when receiving this photography. Indeed, it is impossible to honor my creations of decoration better than by exhibiting it, and letting aside the useful part of it, which makes it even more original.

So thank you to him, and for the rest, here is a good example of esthetic research starting with a very original idea!

Didier Borgeaud

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